Group Members



Group Leader


Antoine Kahn

Prof. Antoine Kahn

Research Interests: 

  • Organic electronics
  • Hybrid metal halide perovskites
  • Atomic geometry and electronic structure of semiconductor surfaces
  • Structural, chemical and electronic properties of metal-semiconductor interfaces
  • Molecular electronics


Gradute Students


James Endres

Graduate Student

Research Interests: 

  • Metal Halide Perovskites
  • Organic/Organic and Organic/Inorganic Interfaces
  • Direct and Inverse Photoemission Spectroscopy
  • Atomic Force Microscopy


Xin Lin

Graduate Student

Research Interests: 

  • (Ultra-low) n-/p-doping of organic semiconductors and their applications in electronic devices (solar cells, OLEDs)

  • UV light activation of the n-doping of a low electron affinity organic semiconductor with air-stable organometallics

  • Tail/gap states


Scott Silver

Graduate Student

Research Interests: 

  • Metal Halide Perovskites
  • Photoemission Spectroscopy


Fengyu Zhang

Graduate Student

Research Interests: 

  • Ultra low Doping 
  • Organic electronics

Hannah Smith

Graduate Student

Research Interests: 



Former Graduate Students (past 20 years)

Gabriel Man

Ph.D. Graduate Student  2011 - 2017 

Thesis title: Metal Oxide Semiconductor Heterojunctions as Carrier Selective Contacts for Photovoltaic Applications

Current Position: Hunt Energy Enterprises, Dallas, TX


An Dai

Ph.D. Graduate Student  2010 - 2015 

Thesis title: Creating Highly Efficient Carrier Injection or Collection Contacts via Soft-contact Lamination of p-doped Interlayer

Current Position: McKinsey & Company, Shanghai 


Andrew Higgins 

MS. Graduate Student  2011 - 2015 

Thesis title: Electrical Characterization of an Electron-Transport Polymer: Methods for Dopant Controlled Trap Passivation and Conductivity Enhancement

Current Position: Boeing


Andrew Shu

Ph.D. Graduate Student  2008 - 2014  

Thesis title: Engineering Interfacial Properties of Organic Semiconductors Through Soft-Contact Lamination and Surface Functionalization

Current Position: Intel


James Belasco

Ph.D. Graduate Student  2009 - 2014 

Thesis title: Improving and Controlling Organic Field Effect Transistor Performance Through Dual Solvent Processing and Molecular Doping

Current Position: McKinsey & Company, NY


Sieu Ha

Ph.D. Graduate Student  2005 - 2010 

Thesis title: Local Properties of Molecular Dopants in Organic Semiconductors

Current Position: HRL Laboratories


Wei Zhao

Ph.D. Graduate Student  2004 - 2010 

Thesis title: Electrical Doping of Organic Molecular Semiconductors

Current Position: Polyera


Calvin Chan

Ph.D. Graduate Student  2002 - 2008 

Thesis title: Materials, Properties, and Applications of N-doped Organic Semiconductors

Current Position: Sandia National Laboratories


Yana Vaynzof

Ph.D. Graduate Student  2002 - 2008 

Thesis title: Electronic Properties of Interfaces Between Low Work Function Electrodes and a Light-Emitting Ploymer

Current Position: Junior Professor at Universität Heidelberg


Jaehyung Hwang

Ph.D. Graduate Student  2002 - 2007

Thesis title: Energetics of Conjugated Polymer and Electrode Interfaces in Light Emitting Diode

Current Position: BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany.


Alan Wan

Ph.D. Graduate Student  2000 - 2006

Thesis title: Impact of Electrode Contamination on the Electronic Structure of Metal-Organic Interface

Current Position:  Evans Analytical Group


Weiying Gao

Ph.D. Graduate Student  1999 - 2004

Thesis title: Electrical Doping of Organic Melecular Semiconductors

Current Position:  DuPont, DE 


Chongfei Shen

Ph.D. Graduate Student  1996 - 2001

Thesis title: Chemical and Electrical Structure of Metal/Organic Interfaces

Current Position:  Magnity Electronics


Chih-l Wu

Ph.D. Graduate Student  1995 - 2000

Thesis title: Electronic Properties of GaN(0001) and AlN(0001) Surfaces and Interfaces

Current Position:  Professor, National Taiwan University



Former Post-Docs (in past 20 years)


Philip Schulz


Post-Doc  2012 - 2014 

Current Position: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)


Eric Salomon


Post-Doc  2006 - 2008

Current Position: University of Provence Aix-Marseille, France


Yabing Qi


Post-Doc 2008 - 2011

Current Position: Professor, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology


Selina Olthof

Post-Doc  2010- 2012

Current Position:  Junior Professor, University of Cologne Germany


Jens Meyer

Post-Doc  2009 - 2011

Current Position:  Philips Aachen, Germany


Michael Kröger

Post-Doc  2007 - 2009

Current Position: BASF, Germany


Laura Kraya


Current Position: Associate Research Scholar, Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton 


Norbert Koch

Post-Doc 2002 - 2003

Current Position: Professor, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany


Ian Hill


Current Position: Professor, Dalhousie University Halifix, Canada


Zelei Guan

Post-Doc 2010 - 2011 


Fabrice Amy


Current Position: Air Products and Chemicals Materials Research Center Allentown, PA