Emmanuel Abbe

Associate Professor in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Electrical Engineering
Associated Faculty in Mathematics
Princeton University

Offices: Fine Hall 212 and Equad B322, Princeton Univeristy.  Email: eabbe@princeton.edu

I am currently at IAS as a von Neumann Fellow in Maths




Research Interests: Statistics, information theory, machine learning, algorithms. 

Teaching: This spring I teach a class on random graphs and networks. The class provides an introduction to the mathematical theory of random graphs and to various statistisal models that play a key role in the analysis of real networks and data sets. It starts with the Erdös-Rényi model, threshold phenomena, Boolean Fourier analysis, subgraph containtment, connectivity, giant, chromatic number and evolves towards more realistic models capturing clustering and power-law phenomenona. Emphasis will be put on the stochastic block model, spectral graph theory, cascade models and inference of combinatorial structures.   

Recent/Selected Publications and Preprints:

Book chapters/monographs

  • E. Abbe, Community detection and stochastic block models: recent developments. To appear in the Journal of Machine Learning Research, Special Issue


  • E. Abbe, M. Wainwright, Information Theory and Machine Learning, ISIT 2015.
  • E. Abbe, Comunity detection and graphical inference, Allerton, 2016.
  • E. Abbe, Clustering, MSR-UW Summer Research Institute, 2015.
  • E. Abbe, Polar codes, ISWCS 2011.

Acknowledgments: NSF, ARO, Bell Labs Prize, NSF CAREER Award, Google Research Award.