Engineering Quadrangle, Olden Street
Princeton, NJ 08544
Phone: 609.258.3500
Fax: 609.258.3745

Department Contacts

Department Chair Prof. Peter J. Ramadge
EQuad Room B210
(609) 258-4645
Department Manager Ms. Cecilia York
Equad Room B208
(609) 258-3059
Business Manager Ms. Cathy Wertz
EQuad Room B317a
(609) 258-3058
Director of Graduate Studies Prof. Mung Chiang
EQuad Room B328
(609) 258-5071
Click here for information about applying for graduate studies.
Graduate Coordinator Ms. Sarah Braude
EQuad Room B209B
(609) 258-6728
Office hours: 8:15am-4:30pm
Department Undergraduate Representative Prof. Antoine Kahn
EQuad Room B420
(609) 258-4642
Undergraduate Coordinator Ms. Cindy Menkes
EQuad Room B304
(609) 258-2166
Office hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
Computing Facilities
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