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Alumni Profiles

With a long tradition of excellence in education and research, the doctoral program in the Department of Electrical Engineering is currently the largest at Princeton University.

The graduate education in Information Sciences and Systems emphasizes breadth and fundamentals in systems, probability, random processes, analysis and optimization. Our research focuses on engineering problems of current technological interest, with primary attention devoted to their principles and underlying theories.

In addition to the wide recognition achieved by its Faculty, the Princeton Information Sciences and Systems group is particularly famous for the achievements of its Ph.D. graduates. Showcased below are career profiles of our distinguished graduate alumni.

Year  Name  Advisor 
2009 Ankit Gupta Sergio Verdu
2008 Qing Wang Sanjeev Kulkarni, Sergio Verdu
2007 Lifeng Lai Vincent Poor
2007 Jiming Yu Sergio Verdu
2006 Ioannis Avramopoulos Hisashi Kobayashi
2006 Sinan Gezici Hisashi Kobayashi, Vincent Poor
2006 Siu-Wai Ho Sergio Verdu
2006 Qiang Huang Hisashi Kobayashi, Bede Liu
2006 Farhad Meshkati Vincent Poor, Stuart Schwartz
2006 Joel Benjamin Predd Sanjeev Kulkarni, Vincent Poor
2006 Leona Qi Vincent Poor
2006 Sung-Hyun Son Sanjeev Kulkarni, Stuart Schwartz
2006 Juhua Zhu Bede Liu, Stuart Schwartz
2005 Haixiao Cai Sanjeev Kulkarni, Sergio Verdu
2005 Husheng Li Vincent Poor
2005 Yingbin Liang Vincent Poor
2005 Alex Reznik Sanjeev Kulkarni, Sergio Verdu
2005 Luca Sanguinetti Vincent Poor
2005 Chih-Chun Wang Sanjeev Kulkarni, Vincent Poor
2005 Brent Yen Vincent Poor
2005 Boon-Lock Yeo Bede Liu
2005 Xin Zhang Vincent Poor
2004 Erhan Bayraktar Vincent Poor
2004 Li Chen Vincent Poor
2004 Somdip Datta Hisashi Kobayashi
2004 Mustafa Cenk Gursoy Sergio Verdu
2004 Jang-Won Lee Robert Calderbank, Mung Chiang
2004 Xiaoqiang Ma Hisashi Kobayashi, Stuart Schwartz
2004 Minghui Xia Bede Liu
2004 David Znidersic Bradley Dickinson
2003 Sudharman K. Jayaweera Vincent Poor
2003 Shalinee Kishore Vincent Poor, Stuart Schwartz
2003 Daniel Palomar Sergio Verdu
2003 Yihong Qi Hisashi Kobayashi
2003 Scott Rickard Vincent Poor, Sergio Verdu
2002 Cristina Comaniciu Vincent Poor
2002 Julio I. Concha Vincent Poor
2002 Robert Joyce Bede Liu
2002 Miguel Rodrigues Sergio Verdu
2002 Yingwei Yao Vincent Poor
2002 Peng Yin Bede Liu
2001 Pei Chen Hisashi Kobayashi
2001 Eran Fishler Vincent Poor
2001 Rich Radke Sanjeev Kulkarni, Peter Ramadge
2001 Aikaterini Varsou Vincent Poor
2001 Xueshi Yang Vincent Poor
2000 Suk Chan Kim Vincent Poor
2000 Carl J. Nuzman Vincent Poor
2000 Aline Roumy Sergio Verdu
2000 John E. Smee Stuart Schwartz
1999 Jan Bajcsy Hisashi Kobayashi
1999 Stefano Buzzi Vincent Poor
1999 Ralf Reiner Müller Sergio Verdu
1999 Aleksandra Smiljanic Hisashi Kobayashi
1999 Rajesh Sundaresan Sergio Verdu
1999 Antonia Tulino Sergio Verdu
1999 Karthik Visweswariah Sergio Verdu
1999 Karthik Visweswariah Sanjeev Kulkarni, Sergio Verdu
1998 Jin Young Kim Vincent Poor
1998 Andrew McKellips Sergio Verdu
1998 Xiaodong Wang Vincent Poor
1997 Yap-Peng Tan Sanjeev Kulkarni, Peter Ramadge
1997 Wenjun (Kevin) Zeng Bede Liu
1996 Piero Castoldi Hisashi Kobayashi
1996 Minerva Yeung Bede Liu
1995 Howard Huang Stuart Schwartz
1995 Nigel Lee Stuart Schwartz
1995 Brian L. Mark Hisashi Kobayashi
1995 Boon-Lock Yeo Bede Liu
1994 Jungwoo Lee Bradley Dickinson
1994 Urbashi Mitra Vincent Poor
1994 Qiang Ren Hisashi Kobayashi
1994 Leslie Rusch Vincent Poor
1994 Sridhar Vembu Sergio Verdu
1992 E. Mickey Spiegel Hisashi Kobayashi
1992 Javier Ventura-Traveset Vincent Poor
1991 Roger S Cheng Sergio Verdu
1991 Yossef Steinberg Vincent Poor, Sergio Verdu
1990 Oscar C Au John Thomas
1990 David Brady Sergio Verdu
1990 Sean Carroll Bradley Dickinson
1989 Charles Bouman Bede Liu
1989 Joseph Evans Bede Liu
1989 Sylvie Ghez Sergio Verdu
1989 Shmuel Y. Miller Stuart Schwartz
1988 Ruxandra Lupas-Scheiterer Sergio Verdu
1988 Thomas Petsche Bradley Dickinson
1987 Anthony Kuh Bradley Dickinson
1987 Larry Pearlstein Bede Liu
1986 Timothy F. Dyson Stuart Schwartz
1986 Mark Karol Stuart Schwartz
1986 Shiping Li Bradley Dickinson
1986 Bruce McGuffin Bede Liu
1986 Peter Willett John Thomas
1985 Ping Xue Bede Liu
1984 Charles Boncelet Bradley Dickinson
1984 Daniel R. Fuhrmann Bede Liu
1984 Alfred Hero Stuart Schwartz
1984 Lihe Zou Bede Liu
1982 Yih-Fang Huang John Thomas
1982 Peter Swaszek John Thomas
1981 Thomas Robertazzi Stuart Schwartz
1978 George Cybenko Bede Liu
1978 Frederick C. Mintzer Bede Liu
1977 Don M Boroson Stuart Schwartz
1977 H. Vincent Poor John Thomas
1976 Yih-Chyun Jenq Bede Liu, John Thomas
1974 Richard Cox Stuart Schwartz
1974 abraham (abe) peled Bede Liu
1972 John Farnbach Stuart Schwartz, John Thomas
1972 Kazuo Murano John Thomas
1971 Anthony Ephremides John Thomas
1970 Yaakov Bar-Shalom Stuart Schwartz
1970 Izhak Rubin Stuart Schwartz
1967 Ian F. Blake John Thomas
1967 Hisashi Kobayashi John Thomas
1966 Peter A. Franaszek Bede Liu
1966 Abraham H. Haddad John Thomas
1960 Jack / Keil Wolf John Thomas
Carla Schwartz Bradley Dickinson