Princeton University

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Department of Electrical Engineering General Policies and Procedures


Building Policies

Building Access

  • Access: The building is open from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, and is locked at all other times including University holidays. You may request after hours TigerCard access for the exterior doors at Only those listed below will be granted access. The TigerCard office automatically grants access to all Electrical Engineering undergraduate and graduate students upon arrival.  Access is deactivated over the summer and anyone on campus will need to submit a request online.

  • After Hours Access: Those authorized to use the E-Quad Building after hours are:

    • Others having authorization to use academic facilities inside the building.

    • Undergraduate electrical engineering majors.

    • Department of Electrical Engineering faculty, staff, researchers and graduate students.

  • SALTO Access:  The undergraduate laboratory may be accessed via the SALTO lock.  To request access please go to


Key Policy

Key Request: To request keys, please go to Office and lab keys are issued under the agreement that the holder will reimburse the Department of Electrical Engineering $25 upon failure to return any key(s) issued to them. Lost keys will be replaced at a cost of $25 per loss. The replacement fee must be paid in cash or check prior to the key being re-issued. Excessive requests for replacement keys may result in the need to replace the room core or multiple cores. Many department keys have multiple layer access such as unlocking main doors in addition to individual offices. Lost keys compromise the security of the entire building not just the office to which they are issued. The cost of these re-cores will be the responsibility of the key holder.

Keys return: Keys are to be returned to EE Executive Office, E-Quad, B210, prior to your departure from campus. To return keys after hours, complete the after-hours envelope and drop in the after-hours drop box outside of B210.


Security Policy

The security of the E-Quad and the quality of the atmosphere depends on each member of the Princeton Electrical Engineering community. As a member of the EE Community, you are responsible for:

  • Visitors and Guests: You are responsible for the behavior of your visitors and guests. If you see anyone behaving in a suspicious or undesirable manner, call Public Safety at x3134.

  • Citizenship: Good citizenship is demonstrated by respect for school, community and self. You are expected to promote good citizenship while a member of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

  • Room Usage: Formal activities can be held in Electrical Engineering conference rooms by previous arrangement with an EE staff member. Rooms are to be left in better condition than how they were found.

  • Fire Alarm: In the event of a Fire Alarm you are required to exit the building at the nearest exit. Public Safety will notify you when it is safe to re-enter the building. Please see the Department’s Emergency Action Plan and the University's Fire Safety Policy.

  • Suspicious activity/people: If you notice suspicious people or activity taking place in the building, immediately call public safety (8-3333).  Alert a staff member immediately of your call/suspicions.

  • Personal belongings: The E-Quad is a public space.  Please lock your personal belongings when you are away from your desk.  The University Insurance will not cover loss of personal items.


Building Use Policy

  • Bicycles: Bicycles are not permitted anywhere inside the building. Bicycle racks are provided near all outside entrances. State fire regulations prohibit bicycles inside University academic buildings.

  • Food: If you bring food into the building you must clean up. Microwaves are available on the lounge, B211 for reheating food only. No other cooking is allowed in the building. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited within the building except in the case of department sponsored activities.

  • Signs: Posters and flyers may only be hung on existing tack boards throughout the building. Items hung on painted surfaces are not permitted and will be removed.

  • Smoking: Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited by law and University policy in all workplaces, places of public access in University buildings, and outdoor spaces within 25 feet of all such buildings, including but not limited to all academic, residential, and administrative buildings and elevators; individual offices and rooms; athletic sporting facilities; spectator areas at outdoor University events; University-owned vehicles, shuttle buses, and vans; dining facilities and bars; theaters and concert halls; partially enclosed areas such as archways, weather protected ramps, and tents; and outdoor dining areas. All smoking materials must be disposed of in appropriate receptacles.

  • Office/Desk Space: The office/desk space that you are provided belongs to the Department. Personal items should not be stored within the office or desk area (see personal belongings under security). Office and desks cannot be changed without confirmation from the EE Executive Office. Space utilization is monitored for incoming researchers, students and guests.


Closings & Holidays

The University is closed for Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Memorial Day. See for the current schedule. Weather related closings and delays will be announced on the SNOW voice mail line and through the PTENS system To add your contact information to the PTENS system, visit To access this line, dial (609) 258-S-N-O-W (7669). This announcement is updated at 5:45am during periods of severe weather conditions. If during the day weather conditions change, the SNOW line is updated to reflect any changes in the work schedule. 


Maintenance Requests

Minor maintenance requests (e.g., light bulb replacements, heating & cooling issues, bathroom supplies) may be sent to the EE Executive Office ( via e-mail. Be sure to include a detailed description of the problem and location.

Maintenance issues that require immediate attention should be brought to the attention of a member of the office staff as quickly as possible. In an emergency you may contact Facilities directly at x8-8000. Follow up your emergency request by notifying EE Executive Office (



Your office is equipped with one phone line. Problems or questions related to your phone should be directed to the EE Purchasing office (



Small copiers are located in the common areas of both the 3rd and 4th floors. They do not require access codes. The 2nd floor copier is reserved for large jobs and requires an access code. If you require an access code, please see the EE Purchasing Staff in B321.



If you notice your printer is not working properly, please send an email to with details and location of the issue.

If your printer/copier is out of paper, please contact the EE purchasing office at


Office Supplies & Postage

Office supplies and postage are for business use by faculty and staff and should not be used for personal mailing. Students are expected to provide their own office supplies for coursework and research projects. In general, if you need supplies, ask a member of the office staff.


Mail & Deliveries

Faculty and staff mailboxes are located in room B204. Outgoing mailboxes are also located in room B-204. Campus mail is delivered daily, normally by 11am. USPS mail is delivered daily, normally by 2pm. Outgoing business mail left in the bin by noon will be posted the same day.

Research staff, graduate and undergraduate student mailboxes is located in the 3rd Floor hallway (C&F wings). Only work related mail should be delivered to the E-Quad. Personal mail should be delivered to your home address. Mail will be forwarded one time with a reminder to please update your address.  All mail will be returned to sender after it is forwarded once, no exceptions. Our address is a bulk mail address therefore you cannot file a forwarding order with the USPS.

Packages that are too large to fit in your mailbox will be delivered to the Purchasing Office (B321). You will receive an email notification when your package arrives.  It is your responsibility to pick the package up in a timely manner. The Department accepts no liability for personal deliveries. It is expected that personal deliveries will not impede business activity in the mailroom. Please take advantage of electronic delivery notification features provided by shippers.

Outgoing shipments may be sent using any one of the department’s carriers. Shipments may be processed via eShip Global within the Prime Portal (  There is a FedEx drop box located outside of the ACE entrance of the E-Quad.  There is a UPS store on Nassau Street and the Princeton post office is located around the corner on Nassau Street.

Mailing address:

Your Name
Princeton University, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Department of Electrical Engineering
E-Quad, Olden Street
Princeton, NJ 08544



Research, supplies, computers and instructional items are purchased through the Prime Portal ( Purchases must be approved by your advisor, faculty sponsor or the department. Please contact the Purchasing Office at for more information.


Expense Reimbursements

When it is necessary to purchase research or instructional items outside of the normal purchasing process you may request reimbursement. The expenditure must be approved by your advisor, a faculty sponsor or the department. Take the original receipt to your faculty advisor's assistant who will advise you on how to completing the reimbursement through Concur. The reimbursement request must be submitted within 60 days of acquisition. Be sure to read the University Guidelines for Non-Compensation Expenses



Quick Links:

In order to make travel arrangements and process reimbursements, it is important that you meet with your advisors faculty assistant to set up a Concur profile and understand how to upload receipts via the computer and/or mobile device.

Please meet with the faculty assistant prior to booking travel to ensure you are within departmental and University guidelines. All travel related expenses should be substantiated and submitted for approval within 30 days from when the expenses were incurred.  Anything purchased in advance of the trip, i.e. airfare, registration, should be submitted as an expense report within 30 days of their purchase.  You should include all out of pocket expenses on your report and upload receipts for any expenses that are $50.00 or more.  Contact your faculty advisor's assistant for assistance in completing the report for submission.


Any questions regarding these policies, please feel free to contact your advisors assistant or the Department Executive Office.